Homeostasis module

Our Endocannabinoid  ‘ECS’ accredited coaching team is here to assist you with your first step

‘You are you and that is that’.

As this is the first step in your journey it must begin with self-love and acceptance. You cannot start this journey if u feel that you are not perfect as you are.

We begin with a  6 weeks program to assist you with your cannabinoid intake, combined with our food as medicine program. This formula is guaranteed to lead you to your state of equilibrium, homeostasis .

Once homeostasis, is achieved then we fast track you are your road to wellness.

In this module we focus on dynamic balance .

Before we can talk about balance we must begin with un-learning.

Fact. The Endocannabinoid- ECS was only accredited as an allopathic ,medical,  system by the ‘WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence’ in Geneva, Switzerland, 4–7 June 2018. Basically, modern science has only caught up with this natural medicine that human-kind has used for millennia a few years back.
The science of Cannabis is just beginning.

Now let’s get back to talking about balance.

The first step on the ECS program may be likened to the following metaphor.

Stand on one leg, now once you have your balance stretch and begin to bounce lightly, you may be able to hold the position for a while but eventually you will need to re align.

Your body has within it a system that is designed to bring you more balance within and out.

We need to look after it continually,  we have the right to better health.

This dynamic state of equilibrium  is called Homeostasis.