Boost and Blast module

You’re road to perfect health has begun.


You are on your way .


Our Endcocannabinoid  ‘ECS’ accredited coaching team is here to assist you with your third step ourfood as medicine program.


This formula is guaranteed to lead you to your state of equilibrium, homeostasis .

‘Support your journey with certified organic veggies and super foods.

‘Certified organic veggies’


When proceeding on any journey you will need to sustain yourself along the way. The ECS journey

 is no difference.

Our program requires you to feed yourself adequately so you can climb the highest peak’s.

We are continually being prompted to eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats based

on nutritional guidelines. This only the beginning, it is time to understand that nutrition alone is not

enough to support your journey. In order to emerge from your state of clinical endocannabinoid

deficiency (CED) you need to focus on your brain health as well.

Your brain has unique chemistry, in order for this awesome chemistry to work optimally you need to

feed your brain in a new way.

We have evolved from hunter gatherers. 20,000 years ago, was the last evolutionary step for

humankind. Our brain has continued to evolve and today you can do awesome things; like drive cars,

work complicated computers and mobile phones but our brain chemistry has not changed at all.

We still need to feed our brains as if we were our hunter gatherers ancestors. Your brain requires at

least 70 minerals that were available from our environment in late stone age times.

These minerals are found in the produce we eat, but the produce extracted these minerals from the


The soil of most conventional farming has been stripped of all organic nutrients and instead the

produce itself is fed inorganic or synthetic supplements to encourage plentiful produce that is

actually, devoid of the 70 minerals your brain needs.

So at this point of your journey, we need to feed your body with awesome certified organic produce.

We work with an organic farm that is CERES certified  , a UK based organisation that sets the

international standard.

Once you begin to eat the correct food that feeds your brain chemistry, combined with your intake of

Phyto cannabinoids, your ECS will be stimulated and your body will begin to work 50% better.

Your brain will assist  with the production of Cannabinoids .

Happy Brain Chemical = happier body = a happier you.



According to Fresh & Healthy manifesto , “The definition of a super food is a varietal that occurs naturally and has SUPER healing and Wellness properties.”


By adding super foods into your program we can fast track your journey with a turbo boost or blast .

When combined with the super easy and efficient Nutri bullet you can literally boost and blast your way  to perfect health.


Book your 3rd consult know and learn all about ‘Food as real medicine’.