Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened tea drink commonly consumed for its purported health benefits. Kombucha is not only known to be great for your health overall but also a very tasty drink.

We offer a variety of all waters that has all different kinds of Health Benefits to you.

Energy Drinks ​

We have a variety of Natural Energy drinks that give you that pick-me-up to power you through the day that are not loaded with extra sugar’s and no added sweeteners or colors.

In recent years juicing has become quite popular among health focused individuals but not everyone has the time or patience to make their own for that reasoning we bring you juices that are ready for you to consume at your convenience.

Fruit & Veggie Juices ​
Hot Chocolate ​

We offer a wide variety of all Natural Hot Chocolates with no added sugars or colorants to help you get through those long winter days.

With a wide variety of different Coffee’s we have something for everyone from the early morning before brew or your after dinner Coffee to end a great evening.


With a variety of different Tea’s we have something to scratch everyone’s itch of having a nice warm drink while still getting a lot of health benefits out of it or just to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Vegan Milk is a great alternative to dairy milk for vegan’s or lactose intolerant people.

Vegan Milk ​