Immunologic Immunostem Capsules 60


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  • immunoStem is formulated to support normal, healthy immune function, especially normal, healthy skin
  • Suitable for children and adults

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Patagonian Wakame Seaweed Extract Standardized to 85% Organic Fucoidan by HPLC, with Aloe Ferox Gel Polysaccharide Extract

Made without magnesium stearate or other excipients


immunoStem is used to support normal, healthy immune function, particularly with skin

People report notable results in a few days to two weeks.

For immune support maintenance, two caps daily, with food or between meals. However, up to four caps three times daily can be taken for extra normal, healthy immune function support.

Yes, daily use of immunoStem is suitable for both children and adults.

Yes, immunoStem is a gentle formula of polysaccharides and amino acids, suitable
during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

immunoStem is formulated with two key ingredients which provide its polysaccharides and amino acid complex – these are extracted from organic wakame sea kelp and Aloe Ferox. After the extraction process from the Aloe Ferox, there is no bitter component remaining in this product. Nothing else is added, and there are no excipients used for blending or encapsulating the product.

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Fucoidan with Aloe Ferox Stem Cell Polysaccharides

ImmunoStem is formulated by immunologic, inc. for up-regulation of immune response and rapid wound healing.  ImmunoStem Contains clinically validated biologically active nutraceutical extracts.

ImmunoStem extracts of Seaweed and Aloe Ferox are combined for optimal immune response and stem cell mobilization.  The compound effect of polysaccharides and amino acids function as building blocks for immune function, skin health, normal cell replication, nerve, joint, tendon, and bone repair.

ImmunoStem nutraceutical ingredients afford extreme wound healing without the need for antibiotics and wound closure typically in half the time.  Pain relief and inflammation control are significant and rapid.  Clinical studies show that ingredients in immunoStem are safe, with the potential to modulate the immune system with antiviral properties and increased stem cell mobilization.

Fucoidan (in immunoStem) refers to a class of complex sulfated polysaccharides that are found in the cell wall of edible brown seaweeds.  In nature, fucoidan acts to protect marine plants from environmental damage, including marine-borne pathogens and toxins.

MOBILISE STEM CELLS-Aloe Ferox Gel with Seaweed Fucoidan

ImmunoStem extract of Seaweed and Aloe Ferox leaf gel provides an array of glyconutrients, amino acids, and polysaccharides to support the increase of circulating haempopoietic stem cells, which have the capacity to differentiate into all the different types of immune, skin, nerve, tendon and bone cells as required by the body.

ImmunoStem Supports:

  • Increased mobilization of stem cells in adults after 3 days of oral administration, which assists in overall immune function.
  • Increased IgG levels by 397% in mice
  • Activation of Toll-like receptors and in vitro by 387% and 229%, respectively, (genes associated with antimicrobial peptides, that are critical to innate immunity) and increased wound-healing gene expression.




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