Dr Boxall’s Sutherlandia Tincture 20ml


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Dr Boxall’s Sceletium Tincture Drops are perfect for fast-acting, on-the-go support. Perfectly sized to fit in your hand bag or pocket, this product is a convenient travel
companion. This product can also be used to accompany one of the Dr Boxall’s Sceletium veggie cap products for extra doses, or in the event of an anxiety attack.

• Natural Antibiotic
• Sore Throat
• Laryngitis
• Immunity
• Antiviral
• Colds & Flu
• Antifungal
• Wound Care
• Stomach Ailments
• Anti-Inflammatory

Dr. Boxall’s Sutherlandia Frutescens Tincture may be used to combat Colds, Flu and Viral Diseases, and to boost Immunity.

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Sutherlandia contains a wide range of molecules that could explain the plant’s efficacy: 1) Canavanine is a potent non-protein amino acid and an L-arginine antagonist with documented antiviral, (including influenza virus and retroviruses), antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer properties. L-canavanine is also a selective inhibitor of inducible nitric oxide synthase and therefore has application in the treatment of septic shock and chronic inflammation. 2) Pinitol is a known anti-diabetic agent, and has new quantitative research reflecting that it may also have clinical application in treating the wasting in cancer and AIDS patients. 3) GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which accounts for the relief from anxiety and stress and the improvement in mood and well-being experienced by many patients. 4) A novel triterpenoid glucoside has been isolated and characterized, which explains the positive effect Sutherlandia has on the
immune system. Sore throats are treated by dropping 20 drops of Dr Boxalls Sutherlandia Tincture Drops in 50ml of water. Use to gargle, and swallow liquid after gargling, for additional benefit from the systemic effect. Can be added to orange juice if the natural flavour is too strong. Use as an antiseptic topical application on minor grazes, cuts or skin conditions. Apply directly to cold sores. Place a few drops daily under nails to combat fungal infections. Place 30 drops in a foot soak to treat athletes foot.


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