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Ceremony with Kambo - The Amazonian Frog Medicine

Kambo Giant Frog

What is Kambo?

‘Kambo’, ‘campu’, ‘sapo’, ‘vacino da floresta’ are  all names for the waxy secretion of a frog living in the trees in the  north-western part of the Amazon rainforest.


The scientific name for  this frog is ‘Phyllomedusa bicolor’ or ‘Giant Monkey frog’.  It is a traditional medicine used for countless generations of the Matses tribe, an indigenous tribe of Peru; and by the Katukina and Kaxinawa tribes of the Brazilian Amazon.


It is a known as a ‘cure all’ in the traditional setting and given to the young and elderly alike. It is also known as ‘hunting medicine’ as it reinforces the immune system and makes the resilient to inflammation, infection and parasites; assisting the strength and stamina of those going into the jungle for the hunt.

The Kambo Process:

The Frog, or Kambo, is a conscious medicine which cleanses your physical and subtle bodies.


Through a rapid cleansing process (approximately 20 minutes). Kambo circulates through your lymphatic system to cross the blood brain barrier, activating essential peptides which engage your immune system.


This ‘vaccine of the forest’ is administered by burning small, light burns with the end of a 3mm stick. Through these ‘gates’ we apply the Frog medicine. In a short space of time you will feel the activating cleansing fire throughout and a purge is often experienced.


The intelligent Frog medicine scans our bodies, locating the ‘ill-panema’ or darkness residing in our bodies and lovingly extracts this through the cleansing fire. This purge cleanses the liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system, balancing the nervous system and endocrine system, calming the adrenals, also cleansing the body of parasitic and virulent organisms.


This work is suitable for most people, we carefully treat each individual with the Frog in a way that is attuned to their sensitivity.


If you have any questions that you would like to address, in addition to what was discussed in your consultation. We will also be available before ceremony to check in with a brief conversation.

How to Prepare:

At minimum of 5 hours of fasting ahead of the session is required. 8 hours is a supportive period of time for fasting if your commitments and responsibilities throughout the day can support this.


Avoid caffeine throughout the day. If you are a habitual coffee drinker, reduce your intake and if possible forgo coffee for at least 2 days before.Hydrate well on water, coconut water and herbal teas through the day.


It is possible that some reservations or anticipations can arise in the preceding hours or day to ceremony. This is normal!


The Kambo has a signature of being present in your bodies before you physically receive the medicine.


If you notice emotional, mental or physical ups and downs on the way to attending ceremony. Be aware and acknowledge the insight on your process.



For three days after the ceremony, please take care to avoid drinking alcohol, eating heavily sugar’ed foods and having coffee or caffeine.


Remember to drink water and stay hydrated. As the cleanse may move a lot of toxins out of the body and this will also support the cleanse on the physical, emotional and energetic level.


It can happen, that after your session you may feel a little tired and require rest due to the depth of the treatment. If this is the case, the experience will change in a day or two. The best thing is to rest, when that is possible and not push the body too hard until the process is complete.

Who can receive Kambo?

  • It is for anyone whose intention it is to be awakened in their self care and wellbeing. For those who are seeking radically effective means for preventative and curative self healing and self awareness.
  • With careful treatment, we have given Kambo to the young and old, up to mid 80’s. It is not compatible or safe to have Kambo if you are on blood pressure medication or are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • For those who would like to experience consistent and uplifted energy levels in their mind, emotions and body in their day to day life, strengthened immunity and resistance to getting sick.
  • People who wish to manage stress and build emotional resilience, and increase feelings of wellbeing, clarity and focus. 
  • It assists with mental stability and promotes mood stability, calmness, overcoming anxiety and depression, and is safe with other medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications.
  • For individuals with chronic fatigue, viral fatigue, undetermined digestive complications herpes, candida, bacterial and chronic infections, respiratory vulnerability, thyroid imbalance, menstruation and cycle irregularity, pain or PMS, liver stagnation, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, hyper-allergic conditions such as asthma, hay fever; lethargy or brain fog, post viral fatigue.  Building immune resiliency, targeting viral or bacterial infections. PMS, cysts, targets in vitro cancer and tumour cells.
  • It is highly effective at detoxifying the body from old medications, toxins, and resetting lifestyle habits such as food patterns. Anyone who would like to change their relationship to sugar, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco or drugs.
  • People who have experienced trauma to release emotional and energetic blockages from their cellular memory.
  • To strengthen the immune system for upcoming surgery and treatments.
  • For individuals who would like to cleanse and let go of the effects no longer active, physical addictions and support the process to health and transformation.

Who can receive Kambo?

  • Pregnant or lactating women, anyone who has had heart bypass surgery and anyone who is on blood pressure medications.

How many ceremonies?

A course of at least three ceremonies is recommended in the beginning. Three sessions reveal and support the body mind activation process through its stages.


If you are dealing with any major health concerns, more than three sessions may be required until the condition is resolved or stabilized to an optimum state.

After the initial ceremonies, a refresher of one to three ceremonies per year will maintain a strengthened immune system.

How Often?

It is wonderful to be able to do these three ceremonies within one month.


But as we know, life has a timing of its own. It is recommended not to leave your next ceremony until too long. Aim for at least one Kambo treatment per month to see the gift of the Kambo unfold in your body and life, to maintain momentum with your healing and grounding process and to strongly focus in your intent in working with Kambo.


A course of three treatments…

The first ceremony is an opening, the intelligence of Kambo steps into your body and life. There is a remembrance of the vitality that was once lost. A process of cleansing begins, awareness of a healing process of the aspects that are out of balance begins. A grounded bodily awareness and mental clarity arises.


The second ceremony is a deepening of the work that has begun. With familiarity and trust of the process, a deeper work is possible. The Kambo is absorbed into the cells more deeply. It becomes clearer where the Kambo is supporting your revitalising and for those investigating health concerns, a healing crisis continue to and engage further insight.


In the third ceremony, cellular absorption of the medicine is 100%. Afterwards the Kambo is able to ignite many changes with ease in both your body and the application of your energy in day to day life.  Further treatments could be supportive if you are dealing with a longer process in the healing process.

Who are the facilitators?

Sean Hamman


In 2009, Sean had the calling to work with Kambo to resolve chronic respiratory illness. Following the initial Kambo treatment course over 6 months he resolved his lifelong vulnerability to chronic respiratory illness. After that, he invited Brazilian curandero,  Cesar Carvalhoto to the U.K. and began study of the administering of Kambo . From 2010, with direction from Cesar he was instructed to continue training with Mauro Santili.


Sean developed his practice with Kambo in the Katukina style with Cesar and Mauro. Followed by further training with Giovanni Lattanzi to develop an understanding of the meridian point systems and Matses style of application.


Sean, like most leading edge pioneers pursued a unique course learning course in Kambo facilitation. He was later recognised for his professionalism and accountability when he was listed as one of a handful of Master Practitioners on the IAKP’s (International Association of Kambo Practitioners) website.

This was until identifying certain risks in the training protocols of the IAKP, which led him to distance his practice from the Association and he asked to take his name down from the their website.


He continues to practice Kambo and Kambo as a preparation for Iboga with his apprentices and participants to this day and has seen a wide spectrum of physical and psycho-spiritual conditions treated successfully with Kambo.


Nicole Hermes


I first experienced Kambo in 2014 when working with plant medicine in the UK and since 2015 I have been guided as an apprentice by Sean, learning about how to support the process in all aspects. In 2017, I began to give Kambo to groups every month with supervision from Sean. I have treated a hundreds of people with Kambo and learnt about the wide range of benefits from first hand experience.


I have also observed the treatment process unfolding for a range of complaints and illnesses. I am most interested in the capacity for Kambo to recondition the trauma response in the body by regulating the nervous system and I find this highly effective in supporting people’s healing journey in regards to anxiety and stress related health conditions.


About the Source of the Kambo Medicine


We work closely with key representatives of the Matses tribe of Peru. We have been receiving their medicine for the past 8 years. We are currently in the setting up process of a Non Profit Organisation to support the aims of the Matses community to buy their land title in the Amazon to protect and conserve their traditional lands, medicinal plants and cultural practices.


The Matses collect the Kambo medicine in the traditional way, which does not harm the Kambo frog.