King Palm Wakit Electric Grinder


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Wakit Electric Grinder is the future

Allowing cannabis consumers to have the utmost control of their weed’s consistency, a rechargeable electric grinder creates the ideal blend. This King Palm x Wakit collab looks awesome and is poised to be a mainstay in any regular smoker’s personal herb smoking arsenal.

How does a ball and chain electric weed grinder work?
This next-level device uses ball and chain technology for optimal vortex torque akin to a vacuum. But how does that work?

This is done via tapping or holding the pressure cap on top that spins and dissects cannabis buds, thereby fluffing them to a desired consistency and removing undesired stems separately.
Coarser grinds require just a quick tap or two, while more fine grinds are achieved by a few extra taps or holding down the top cap of this user-friendly, push-function mill.
Air-trimmed herb is then left on the bottom surface, ready for rolling or packing a blunt cone.

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