Raw Wizard Naked Kraut 330g


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ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORE ~ Raw Wizard Naked Kraut is a vibrant and healthful fermented sauerkraut made from simple and natural ingredients. This kraut is “naked” because it contains no additional spices or flavors, allowing its pure and authentic taste to shine through.

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The kraut making process begins with fresh and organic cabbage that is finely shredded and mixed with a touch of salt. Over time, the natural fermentation process takes place, facilitated by beneficial bacteria, creating a tangy and probiotic-rich product.

As the fermentation progresses, the cabbage undergoes a transformative process, developing a distinct sour flavor and a slightly crunchy texture. The absence of added spices or seasonings in Naked Kraut ensures that the true essence of fermented cabbage remains front and center.

Raw Wizard Naked Kraut offers a wholesome and gut-friendly addition to meals, perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity and purity of traditional sauerkraut. It can be enjoyed as a condiment, a side dish, or a topping, providing a burst of natural tanginess that complements a variety of culinary creations while contributing to a balanced and probiotic-rich diet.


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