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Free delivery for orders over R700!

Free delivery for orders over R700!

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Nobody Like a Vegan

Do you hear that? 

Nothing. Absolute silence, absolute change. 

 We invite you to join us on a voyage of personal discovery. 

You body is your ticket in. Your body is more than your linear self, it is all that is you. 

It’s defined by your physicality , spirituality and your energy field. 

Think of your body like a great organisation with shareholders, directors , managers and line staff. 

Think of all that you are. 

News flash , this body that you ride was designed 100’ of thousand years ago. The last step in a long evolutionary process was around 20,000 or more years ago. Your current brain had fully formed , a brain that allowed us to outlive the Neanderthals, learn to hunt the mammoth as a pack and therefore escape an ice age. In order for this ancient brain to work optimally it evolved to be fed a host of micro minerals , this is understood as feeding the brain chemistry so the brain allows living with full potentiality. Newsflash—— Your brain chemistry, has not changed and still needs to be fed the same host of minerals that your hunter gatherer ancestors needed. We have changed with constant progression, we have learned to use more of our mind and replace natural with artificial. We now believe we are on top of the food chain rather than being in the food chain. This is a big problem for your hunter gather mind. The brain needs to be fed at least 70 minerals , that are found in a rich hunter gatherer type soil. Unfortunately the vegetables and fruit we buy from our local stores are not grown in a natural regenerative way and are grown with the use of pesticides and additives to meet demand . So now we find ourselves in 2022, in a world that Is overpopulated , where we have commoditised everything and are now in the process of commoditising all produce. Modern farming practices are focusing on the produce and not on the soil. Focusing on the end result, natural produce that is grown quickly and inexpensively so we can feed the masses.

The problem is that this produce is devoid of all the minerals that our brain chemistry needs. In other words this food will give you nutrition but is totally devoid of the minerals that are found in the soil that is essential to feed the brain and create our essential vitality, chi or Prana. Looking back in time the human species originally functioned on natural foods and substances they found gathering. Our hunter gather ancestor evolved to eat plants and fruits, therefore to the origin of species we are actually herbivorous. As progression occurred our ancestors slowly learned to eat animals that they can catch easily and we began to be omnivorous. Furthermore how do we know that we evolved from being herbivorous? This is easy to solve look at the human biology against a baboon, look at our canines and nails and now look at the Canines and claws of our cousins the baboon family. It is clearly evident that there is difference, you will see an animal that is designed to be omnivorous. So with this understanding, we can see that as the human species we have leaned omnivorous behaviour. Now look at us today! Majority of the population would believe we are carnivorous and that we are on top of the food chain but this is not so, we are herbivorous by design , omnivores by learned behaviour and the fungi is the actual top of the food chain. This brings us to the understanding that if we are to be truly healthy we must return to a plant based way of living. This does not mean we must eat no animal produce. It just means that we must cut down our intake dramatically. Not only for the health of the human species but for our planet too. We must reprogram ourselves, by disconnecting from the fast paced way of feeding ourselves and when engaging in food that may rather channel our hunter gatherer ancestor and move from living to eat to eating to live. It is The Green Side Farmacy’s belief that for that very reason we have explained to you above, its is vital that we all eat 50% less animals . Therefore we edge you to join us and join the plant based evolution and begin eating 50% less animal

now, this will first off all assist the planet to be able to sustain us and will start our road to wellness. Then slowly learn to eat more plants and less animals. All our stores have health consultants and food alternatives to help assist those who join us, let us help you. This brings us to the next point whereby the Vegan movement asks us to eat no animal produce at all. We believe that this is not a viable and sustainable approach . We have been omnivorous for at least 20,000 years , today we live on a diet that is more than 70% animal based , so how do we expect a populace that is already dealing with failed economics , failed statehood’s and the biggest pandemic in 80 years to just stop eating animals . Some vegans will tell you to do it slowly , to begin the journey to veganism one step at a time. The problem with this is that based on the procrastination of the human , 90% of people will not complete the journey at all, and will therefore not assist Gaia with becoming more plant based. This leads us to the next point that the Vegan movement is obsessed with creating products that are similar to meat but are plant based. The problem with this is that humans are naturally greedy and will look to capitalise on the new vegan market, which has already begun. The end result is a host of meat alternatives that are made from sub standard products, filled with additives. So instead of eating a simple meal made from an animal we get to eat a franken-food made from an animal feed dressed up to be a great new vegan food. The harder the Vegan movement pushes the more this new fake food industry will crop up. Its time to eat plants because we are supposed to. Its time to eat plants because our brain health says so. Its time to eat plants because they taste awesome . Its time to eat less animal produce. Its time to eat 50% less animal produce . Its time to do this now.

Our planet has passed the point of no return. There is a new reality beginning. We must start evolving as a species. I truly understand the Vegan position. Do less harm to animals, as animals have rights, Take a stand by not eating or using animal products at all. This is a very hard stand and it requires a revolution.
The problem with revolution’s , is the downward spiral. We can not fight our way out of here. We have no time. The planet has gone beyond the point of no return, return and we have no choice , we have to find a new way to live. That is what we are calling for an EVOLUTION.
Its time to evolve. The founding principle is do no harm. Let’s create a culture where we all strive to do no harm. Let us build a community that creates
business’s that are primarily good for the environment first, then good for the customer and finally good for the staff and owners.
So often we find ourselves asking: what can I do I’m just one person?
That is where we often miss the point , Yes you are one person but you are the person. You are the primary character in your movie. The Present is right
here. Today make a decision, to do less harm. Start by joining the plant based evolution.
Eat 50% less animal produce today, and everyday.
With this one simple move , by default your brain will be fed more of the essential nutrients needed for optimal living. This will start your road to wellness ,
and by default by your good action for the planet you will be rewarded with better health.
The plant based evolution has begun, The road to perfect health is attainable. Pop into one of the 3 ‘The Green Side’ store’s and learn all about the ‘Fresh & Healthy’ way. We will introduce you to a new way of living. Your will learn to combine phyto cannabinoids , plant based living, green living, organic food, super foods ,nutraceuticals and individualised programs.
We have got you !
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